Mail Me!

PLEASE take a minute to read this page, before using my e-mail address, thanks!

My e-mail address is "a10 at mdjnet dot dk". At least it is at the moment... The reason I write it like this is that I don't want to be spammed! Clearly, "at" means '@', and "dot" means '.', in case you wonder. You can also read it in this picture:

a10 at mdjnet dot dk

I keep my address a well kept public secret to avoid that the spammers get their greasy hands on it. They have a nasty habbit of scanning home pages for addresses to abuse.

But you can do a lot to protect it as well! By following a few rules, the chances that the spammers will get this address are very small, and if they do, I will simply delete this address and create a new one! So, if this address some day doesn't work anymore, check this page again.

Please treat this e-mail address as an unlisted phone number. You don't give those away to strangers neither, so here are the rules:

As you can see, I consider my e-mail address to be very private and I am prepared to go a long way to keep it private. I know having a page like this makes it more difficult to mail me than just clicking a "mailto" field on the index page, but hey, thank the spammers for ruining the Internet!


Last revised: 2022-06-14