I have for some time now had a little project running, that in short is to make the world's best playing Backgammon software based on a neural network! A quite humble goal, right? I can tell you, that I have still a long way to go (or my computer has, it has to learn everything by itself), but I have started the release of the program so if you are interested, you can purchase it now, and then get free upgrades, as the program is enhanced and gets better at playing. For information about ordering, see the Readme.txt file.

You can download a demo version of the program, and if you choose to purchase a full functional copy, you can download the latest version here. A licensed copy is only working together with a license file, that I will send you, when you buy your license. You can see the price of a license in the readme.txt file, upgrades are free. This license file is your personal file (it contains your name and a serial number), while the demo version and the readme.txt file are freely distributable.

The program is a 32 bit executable, that will run on Windows 95/98 and Windows NT and Windows 2000 installations.

You can download: - General and important information! - Same, but in danish. (500KB) - The latest version of MDJBackGammon, v 2.1.1 (2001-09-03). (500KB) - Demo version of the latest version. (1MB) - The whole package! Same as Mdjbgnew+Mdjbgdmo+Readme (english version).

You can also take a look at the readme files directly in your browser:

The demo version is playing equally as good as the full version, but is limited in several ways: The double block can be used only once in each game, setting up of positions is not enabled, it is not possible to save and load positions, no log file is written, match playing is disabled, and not all games can be played to the end.

You can check out the history of features/corrections in the program.

Good luck with the program!

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Last revised: 2001-09-09