I have always been very fond of music. When I was very young, about 9 years old, I started to like classical music, and I took lessons in classical piano for about 6 years. Later on, I got into Jean-Michel Jarre, and in the late 80'ies, I caught a very dangerous virus, that will stay with one for life: I started to like the music of Mike Oldfield!

I am now one of the more eager collectors of Mike Oldfield material, and almost all my friends and family think I am a bit of a basket case on that point - except the ones sharing my passion of course. The truth is, that I have a quite specialized taste in music and collection of records, but it is also quite wide - in my own opinion. Besides Jarre and Oldfield, I also like Sally Oldfield, Enya, Pink Floyd, early Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Kevin Ayers, David Bedford, Tom Newman, Kate Bush, Kitaro, Andreas Vollenweider, Vangelis,... Not exactly your everyday "popular" music, which is probably why so many "normal" people don't understand my tastes and passions.

But lets get to it. First some links to some sites with valuable information:
Ommadawn ( - The home of the official Mike Oldfield mailing lists.
Sally Oldfield Yahoo Group ( - Mailing list.
Simone Machon's Sally Oldfield page ( - a still evolving fan site with some interesting pictures.
Ulf Milanese's home page ( - with a hyperlinked interface to the Sally Oldfield discography, and he also has a collection of Mike Oldfield links at
Jarre ( - The official Jean-Michel Jarre site.
Revolution ( - the home of a fanzine for Jean-Michel Jarre.

Besides these, I have written a few pages about them myself:
Mike Oldfield
Sally Oldfield
Jean-Michel Jarre

These pages also contain information about material, I have for sale of these artists. Generally, I have knowledge of quite a few good mail order sites, so if you have been looking desperately for something for a long time, feel free to ask me, I might be able to point you in the right direction - this goes also for other artists than the ones above.


Last revised: 2004-03-28