Sale list

This is the list of Oldfield material that I have for sale at the moment. If there is something special you really need, which is not on this list, ask me! Perhaps I can get it anyway.

The CD material is New and unused unless noted (2nd hand means used, but in near mint condition). Vinyl ratings are vinyl/cover.

The prices are according to the current $ value, and may raise/fall, if the value of the $ falls or raises.

There is no particular order in this list...

"The Mac", MacIntosh computer magazine from Feb. 95 including interview with Mike and demo CD-Rom with "Hibernaculum". (Note: The disc sometimes appears scratchy due to stacking at the publisher, but I guarantee, the disc is fine, or I will replace it.) 32$

"The Sorcerer", the live recording from Edinburgh Castle 4/9-92 in very good quality, plus a few rare tracks (in poor->good quality). 16$

"Tattoo" (YZ708CDX) limited edition CD single with Hologram (containing part of the live recording from Edinburgh). (Note: With "cut" on the back, as sometimes given to promos and deleted items) 25$

"Music Wonderland" on CD, dutch pressing (not THE dutch pressing, "Mike Oldfield's Wonderland", which does not exist on CD). (NOTE: This is expensive, you might be able to find it cheaper in NL). 23$

"Reflection". The video from British Arts Council with unreleased/early material. 58 min. $80 (I know... but I am getting them directly from the source, so the price is not negociable, and they don't get any cheaper before the pound sterling gets cheaper.) It might take a while for me to get this, because I want to order several together each time. Note that the video is printed recently, it is NOT a 1st issue from '77. "The consequences of Indecisions", LP from Benelux (90133) (vg/vg+) 10$

"Impressions", rare compilation 2LP (TELLY 4) (vg+/vg-) 38$

"Tubular Bells Live at Edinburg" (EPL-CD1000-001) The "original" TBII boot, very good sound quality. Picture CD. (Second edition without foldout inlay). 25$

"Tubular Bells II" (OHM 93) Live at Bruxelles, poor quality, ordience recording. 25$

"The Songs Of Distant Earth" (4509 98542 2) first European edition including CD-ROM. 28$

"The Songs Of Distant Earth" (9 45933-2) second edition (US) including CD-ROM. (sealed) 17$

"The Songs Of Distant Earth" (SAM 1477) promo with purple cardboard inlay, black disc. 30$

"Hibernaculum" (YZ871CDX) CD single in 2CD box with cardboard "CD" to fill out with the other Hibernaculum single. Hologram on inlay. 16$

Same as above, but sealed and with hologram upside down. 18$

"Space Music" (SR 015) Copy of the Edinburgh bootleg. 17$

"Islands" (GCD-352-2) US reissue (European content) picture disc. 14$

"Let There Be Light" (YZ880CDX) The CD single containing "Indian Lake" 20$

"Hibernaculum" (YZ871CD) The CD single containing "The Spectral Army" and "Song of the Boat men". (2nd hand) 16$

"Heaven's Open" (VSCDT 1341) (2nd hand) 9$

"Guilty" 12" blue vinyl (UK) (m-/vg) 12$

"Moonlight Shadow" 12" (D) (vg+/m-) 8$

"Crime of Passion" 12" (D) (vg+/vg+) 8$

"Shadow On The Wall" 12" (UK) (m-/vg-,sticker wound on front) 4$

"Tricks Of The Light" 12" (D) (m/m) 8$

"Etude" 12" (D) (vg+/m-) 8$

"Portsmouth/Speak" 7" (VS163) (m-/no picture cover) 5$ / 3$ (vg/no picture cover)

"William Tell/Argiers" 7" (VS167) (vg+/no picture cover) 5$

"Take Four" 7" (VS238) (m-/vg+) 12$

"Shine" 7" (D) (m-/vg+, with cut) 5$

"Norofen" 7" (UK, VS 1328, "music from the commercial": Etude) (m-/m-) 12$

"One Glance Is Holy" 7" (D) (m/m, with cut) 5$

Anita Hegerland: "Voices" 3-trk CD single (3 versions of "Voices") (2nd hand) 5$

Sally Oldfield: "Digging For Gold" 3-trk CD single (2nd hand) 5$

I also have some rare Jean-Michel Jarre stuff, ask me!


Last revised: 2002-11-12