Welcome to Morten Due Jørgensen's Home Page

This is my home page, it is mine, all mine, and nobody's but mine! It is quite intentional, that it is not filled with blinking and moving symbols. In return this should be one of the fastest loading pages on the web! - and you can view it in any browser.

Some of the pages are still under construction, and have been for years, so please bare with me, if some "links" seem to be missing just that - the link. But in general, this site is beginning to look like I want it to, and though I am constantly adding and changing things all around, I hope you will find it both interesting and informative.

But let's get to it: There are a few things, this site is all about:

Who IS this Morten Due Jørgensen anyway?
Various Small Programs

DK Skak

DK Nefatavl

Open Source Socks Proxy
Lego Mindstorms used in a SCADA system
Garage sale

You can also send mail to me,
or study my server configuration, maybe I have a few hints that you could use.

DK Brug for lidt konsulentbistand?

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